Why Are We So Afraid To Ask For Help?


Happiest & Greatest of Mondays to you! This question has been on my mind heavily especially this past weekend when I found myself behind on work & buried in emails, missing deadlines, and forgetting to reply to DM’s etc. Why are we so afraid to ask for help? I say we because I’m included also. And before you feel attacked, I’ll give you my answers first.

  • Honestly I think it was learned behavior for me, I literally watched my mom do everything, she made things happen solo. People would ask if she needed help, and her response was always, “No, I got it.”

  • I’ve been burned before by people that I thought were my friends.

  • I never wanted to give anyone the satisfaction to say because of them, I am.

  • I started falling in love with the feeling of being drained, I tricked myself into thinking THIS is what success is about. I thought that if I wasn't tired that I wasn’t working hard enough.

I can’t be the only one guilty of the “I’m sinking and drowning or both, but I refuse to let anyone see me sweat, I rather die” syndrome. (touch and agree).

I had a conversation with my husband a few months back, and he told me three words that I will never forget. Three words almost as impactful as I LOVE YOU… DROP YOUR EGO…

When I tell you those words hit me like a ton of bricks. Those three words have changed the way that I navigate through life and with all of my relationships. The EGO must die for any relationship to THRIVE. My ego almost didn’t make me write the blog post, in fear of looking weak, or as though I didn’t have it all together. My ego had me too proud to ask for help.. which turned into burnout. And through trial & error, I can tell you THERE IS NO REWARD FOR BURNOUT!!

(Someone needed this message today, we don’t have a point to prove, accept the sis, or bro)


D. Wil