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We have collaborated with Mia Ray for FIVE exclusive scents. These fragrances were carefully created specifically for Mia. We introduce our first double-wicked candles, HU$TLEROSÉ RAY, ALLURE, PARISIAN DREAMZ & CHATEAU VIBEZ!


The HU$TLE candle is designed to embody the work ethic of Mia Ray. The scent is both sweet and bold, intoxicating and refreshing. This candle is floral with a hint of sweetness. This scent was created with you in mind. It's to motivate you to go out and get it. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you can master the art of the HU$TLE.


The ROSÉ RAY candle is designed to complement one of Mia's favorite scents ever, rose. ROSÉ RAY smells like freshly cut roses. This fragrance is fresh, classic, & beautiful.

Fun Facts:

- The smell of roses is thought to be relaxing and restorative because it encourages us to breathe deeply and slowly.

- The Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany is covered with roses already 1000 years old.

- Cleopatra filled her palace floors with roses as preparation for Mark Anthony's visit.


The ALLURE candle is designed to make you feel as though you’ve just entered a flower shop. ALLURE is the perfect mixture of every floral scent possible. Like a flower, this scent is delicate, soft, and elegant. Get ready to bloom with each burn.

ROSÉ RAY, HU$TLE, ALLURE, PARISIAN DREAMZ & CHATEAU VIBEZ is the ultimate combo. They are all calming, evocative, and reminiscent of romance. These limited edition double-wicked candles are available in travel sizes and are sold together as a set.


Burn Time: Approximately 125 hours. (all 5)


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"Please, please, please bring it back! I loveeeee the candles!" - Amanda R.

"I absolutely love this candle set. My favorite scent is HU$TLE and of course I want it in a bigger size. I have LITerally stop burning it because I only order one and I know can't replace it. I just open the lid and let the fragrance linger in the air. So please bring back this collabo!!!! - Sharona E.

"I loooooooved both of the scents. I wish I had bought more. I'd love a bigger size and I wish you made a jumbo size of all your candles for like coffee tables and such. Keep up the good work. These candles are divine! I just started Law School so I usually light mines while doing my reading. I try to trick my mind that I'm having a good time by adding a little ambiance. Lol!! - Myeedah L

"The candles were a hit! My favorite scent is Hu$tle! I would love a good come back in a 9oz! O have been so hesitant to burn My candles because I know I won't be able to replace them! You guys did an amazing job with the collaboration and it was a great idea! Mia has always shared her love for candles in the past so the marriage just made perfect sense! Even if you don't bring the scents back (which you should!), you guys should definitely collaborate again in the future! I'll be waiting to get #LitLikeAG ✨" - Jessica F. 

"Those candles are the bomb!! Please bring them back." - Catina L.

"Which one was my favorite? If I just chose it would be Rośe Ray. I don't even like the smell of actual roses but this scent made me want to buy a bouquet. It was so fragrant and feminine. Hu$tle was great as well. I wanted to walk through the house with the handle so each room could be filled with the hustle spirit. I may have had the candles burning longer than I should have, I think I used each one 2-3 times. A large size candle would be amazing! Another thing I love is the scent sticks around after the candle is done. I left the Rośe Ray open after it finished burning and that corner smelled good for like a week after. I'd definitely purchase more if you bring it back. " - Tiaysha 

"I loved the candles!! Especially the Hustle scent. The smell is so soothing. I wish that the candle came in a bigger size because I would definitely purchase. This was a great collaboration! Keep up the good work ladies!"  - Danielle J.

"I loved this collaboration, and I just love Mia! The good part about this collab, was that I had never heard of LIT BROOKLYN before. I love to support black businesses, so it was a win/win! I would love for the collab to continue on, and I would also like a bigger candle option. My favorite scent is Hustle, but I did enjoy both and would invest in both again! Thanks so much! I sent a message on instagram to bring the candles back a few weeks ago too😏😊 Thanks!" - Amy T. 

"Bigger sizes!!! Please! Loved the scents!!! Can't wait to buy more" - Jenne T. 

"The hustle candle was my favorite! I would love a bigger one in that scent!"  - Lauren D. 

"I loved everything about the collaboration hustle is my favorite, I'm not a huge OG floral scents so Rose wasn't my fav but it still smelled nice! Please bring back the collaboration!! It's LIT" - Diamond D. 

"Yes!!!! Loved them & would most definitely purchase a bigger one!" - Dee

"I LOVED the Hustle candle. Please bring that one back in a bigger size." - Monique K. 

"I loved the candles. I bought the LIT trio first because the Glamaholic had sold out. Once it became available I ordered the LIT.  What I love about the G collection is the double wick. That was a big difference between the two because I felt like I used more of the soy wax. My favorite scents are Muse from the original collection and Hu$tle from Mia's the scent throw was awesome on Hustle even when it wasn't lit. I loved the white glass 8oz I saw Mia inbox on IG. Keep it Lit and glamorous ladies. Thank you for including your online "besties" for input lol. I will continue to support my sisters in business." - Miyisha 

"I really enjoyed both candles however my FAVORITE is Hustle!! I would love to either buy the travel or regular sized candles so my entire home can smell like it." - Tolani M.